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We are committed to helping our members get through these times by bringing our community closer than ever.
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Relationships are facilitated through a rich array of roundtable events, panels, conferences, mentorships, and exclusive soirees. YJP offers unique learning opportunities and invaluable resources for members of each industry.

  • Sit down for coffee with industry experts

    with a

  • Star-studded social benefits and celebrations


  • Join an intimate discussion groups with industry leaders


  • Panels of industry pioneers share unique and brilliant ideas


  • Tap into the energy of YJP at the Jewish Business Leadership Center


  • Socialize and grow your professional network in a casual setting


  • Learn to leverage your strengths and leadership skills to advance your career


  • Reconnect with your Jewish identity at our refreshing Friday night dinners


  • Meet monthly with people who push you to reach your full potential


  • C-level executives share best practices over fireside chats

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our business network

Access has a variety of industry tracks: All members participate in custom programs and gain access to the best mentors in their industries.

the community

YJP Access is a special community that connects young jewish professionals with the world’s most successful business leaders. Access is granted to professionals who are the best at what they do and are willing to lead, innovate, and give back to the Jewish and global communities.

YJP Membership

YJP’s Memberships are designed to provide exceptional learning and networking opportunities for Jewish professionals at multiple levels. From young Jewish professionals looking to connect with their heritage to experienced professionals of all backgrounds seeking a high-level knowledge exchange, our membership packages include many benefits.

Although we are based in the lovely Empire State, remote attendees can join our virtual experiences and participate from anywhere in the world at a date & time that best suits their schedule and industry of choice.

Young Jewish Professionals is the ultimate networking platform committed to supporting its more than 16,000 members in achieving the highest level of professional expertise through knowledgeable CEO insight and peer connections. Our members receive direct access to featured panelists, top business executives & corporate decision-makers across a myriad of industries.

Membership is by invitation only but you may apply to be a part of YJP and we will get back to you.

Benefits of the YJP membership include :

  • Give back to your profession through discussion & idea sharing
  • Make new connections & build life-long relationships
  • Be recognized as a leader & participant in your industry
  • Accelerate your professional development goals
  • Stay attuned to the players in your field
  • Expand your career opportunities through peer networking
  • Receive professional advice & career guidance

Peer to peer groups - mentorship sessions - networking - leadership courses - Torah with CEOs - Industry-specific programs.

A healthy network is the greatest accelerator to leadership growth and career success.

Trust us, we know networking. Build yours by applying today.

Invest in the present. Expand your future.

About our Team

  • Gabrielle
    Managing Director, Development

  • Raquel
    Managing Director, Programs & Membership

  • Rochel
    Managing Director, Experiences

  • Amanda
    Event Associate, CEO Network

  • Ariel
    Event Associate, Real Estate

  • Brooke
    Event Associate, Finance

  • Caryn
    Associate, Content & Copywriting

  • Elizabeth
    Industry Manager, Finance

  • Erica
    Manager of Development Research

  • Rachel
    Event Associate, Venture Capital & Technology

Mentors and a strong network are the greatest accelerators to leadership growth and career success.

YJP New York has created the ultimate networking hub for young, Jewish professionals who wish to advance their careers through knowledgeable CEO insight and connections with fellow peers in the industry. Our esteemed industry summits feature prominent panelists, while our exclusive roundtable events allow attendees to gain direct access to business executives and leading industry decision makers.