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YJP Access is a special community that connects young jewish professionals with the world’s most successful business leaders. Access is granted to professionals who are the best at what they do and are willing to lead, innovate, and give back to the Jewish and global communities.

Alan Rosin
Managing Director
Equity Derivatives
Oppenheimer & Co.

YJP has built itself into a world class multi-sector networking organization. Since I began attending the various events over 3 years ago, YJP has provided access to people and conversations that are simply unattainable in any other format. What makes YJP successful is its constant effort to achieve the highest level of quality in both its speakers and attendees. I look forward to being an integral part of YJP's continued growth into the future.

Jason M. Hill, MBA, PMP, CSM
Founding Partner
Sound Advice Consulting Services

For more than 3 years YJP has been an amazing resource for making business connections, both receiving and giving "sound advice" and forming new meaningful relationships in the Jewish community. I highly recommend YJP to anyone that is looking to make new connections, grow their social and political capital and give back to the Jewish community.

Jeffrey Schultz
CCO, Director of Legal
Phoenix Investment Adviser LLC

YJP has provided me with an invaluable forum for mentoring and networking with high-caliber Jewish professionals in my industry over the past several years. In fact, I met my current employer at a YJP event just weeks after I joined in September 2012. Since then, I have witnessed first-hand the parabolic growth of YJP’s reach. Both the number and quality of members have increased substantially in the recent past, providing our community with growing opportunities to open up meaningful professional and personal dialogues with peers and mentors. The events are earnest yet candid. They are substantive yet (often) intimate. This is what makes YJP unique, and this is why the YJP community continues to grow and succeed.


Relationships are facilitated through a rich array of roundtable events, panels, conferences, mentorships, and exclusive soirees. YJP offers unique learning opportunities and invaluable resources for members of each industry.

  • Sit down for coffee with industry experts

    with a

  • Star-studded social benefits and celebrations


  • Join an intimate discussion groups with industry leaders


  • Panels of industry pioneers share unique and brilliant ideas


  • Tap into the energy of YJP at the Jewish Business Leadership Center


  • Socialize and grow your professional network in a casual setting


  • Learn to leverage your strengths and leadership skills to advance your career


  • Reconnect with your Jewish identity at our refreshing Friday night dinners


  • Meet monthly with people who push you to reach your full potential


  • C-level executives share best practices over fireside chats

    with the

our business network

Access has a variety of industry tracks: All members participate in custom programs and gain access to the best mentors in their industries.

upcoming events & programs

Mentors and a strong network are the greatest accelerators to leadership growth and career success.

YJP New York has created the ultimate networking hub for young, Jewish professionals who wish to advance their careers through knowledgeable CEO insight and connections with fellow peers in the industry. Our esteemed industry summits feature prominent panelists, while our exclusive roundtable events allow attendees to gain direct access to business executives and leading industry decision makers.